Also on the front of the car is also a type of HID headlamp with LED lights that use and able to provide brighter lighting when walking at night. Continue switching to the rear position on the bekang this car apart from having spasang stop lamp Jaguar XF is also equipped with a trunk that is large enough so that can accommodate your luggage in jumplah considerable. And to give the appearance of more luxurious cars Jaguar XF also features four pieces of racing wheels with chrome color.
Then to the interior of the car Jaguar XF also comes with some interesting features such as the audio system, Leather seats, dual zone air conditioning control Autoclimate and rain sensor. With their attractive features such as;url=,&url=[url=;url=;jsessionid=3AC4DB11CA6132D0CC68AB6A2A061142?action=extern&url=,%203080%20Tervuren&url=;jsessionid=2F31A8E812D84B6D18D58E37D17F2361?export=&harvestSource.url=,%20Queensland,%201944&ImageNumber=53513&Publisher=John%20Oxley%20Library,%20State%20Library%20of%20Queensland&url='s+Blog&url=;url=;url=;url=;url=;url=;action=redirectexit;url='s+blog&url='s+3R+Blog&url=!/id/url/!workUrl.action;jsessionid=E5D259CA5D4E1C30B528FB07E7ABC97B?url=;jsessionid=00E3E34095854B2C12D37B179B4A0BE5?dbId=93&url=;&url=;

Design and Dimensions
Have a sporty car design with dimensions of approximately 4,961 mm long by 2,077 mm wide and has a height the car reaches 1,460 mm, making this car look more cool and more elegant. Meanwhile on the exterior of the Jaguar is also widely installed modern features such as a pair of car sepion foldable and equipped with turn signal lamps with LED. Not only is it on the front of the car Jaguar XF also include front grille with chrome color accompanied emblem jaguar, sehigga this car looks more cool.

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