Price Jaguar XF - For a long time in the field of Industry automotive corporation with the name Jaguar has created various types of luxury cars with a design that is elegant and sporty. Jaguar itself, which produces cars coming from TANAL Britain. Yes, in addition to meciptakan cars with luxurious design, Jaguar also has a pretty good product quality, so do not be surprised if the cars with the Jaguar brand has a high price.

And in 2016 it re-launched a product Jaguar luxury sedan with the name Jaguar XF. The car is equipped with a 3.0 liter engine capable of releasing a maximum power of 237 bhp with a torque of 293!/badge?url=*login&FMT=p&URL=;jsessionid=19BFDCD789B664918A7F7EC38032AA60?siteId=32851&listingId=41322&url=!&Url=;MYSITEJSESSIONID=A945CD921DFF5DAD2D059EB6CC83730B-n1?siteId=1077692&listingId=1397590&url=*data=url=[url=

Nm. Besides having great power Jaguar XF is also equipped with several advanced technologies that will make this car Prominent increasingly settling when lauched with maximum speed and the increasingly tough in doing maneuvers.

In terms of body design for Jaguar does have a fairly elegant body design and the aerodynamics. It can be seen from the shape of the car which has a length of approximately 4,961 mm keselurahan with a width of 2,077 mm and height of 1,460 mm motors achieve. Not only was to provide stability between the front wheels and the rear wheels, Jaguar also equip this car product with the distance between the wheel axis reaches 2,909 mm and has an empty weight of the motor, which reached 1,825 kg.

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