is claimed to be able to stop the pace of a sports car of this one, which has been equipped with additional braking feature that mamapu prevent wheel lock-up occurs when sudden incubator. Then for banya each have a size of 235/40 R19 W, Alloy.
Peugeot comparable to the price that has been offered, especially the car has been fitted with a security system and keselamatn very maxsimal that can provide a sense of comfort when driving. as well as fitting comfort system includes Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), Traction control and much more, while for the security system includes Side smart airbags, Tyre deflection indicator, Front Pretension seat belts Active Bonet, 3 Point rear seat belts, Engine immobilizer ADC 2 R, Ultrasonic alarm, Front & rear parking sensordan much more.!!!&url=;url=;url=[url=,%20http-/?client=ca-pub-9456994019046247&output=html&h=600&slotname=5761657395&w=160&lmt=1296216160&ea=0&flash=10.1.102&url=;jsessionid=2956D7C1305E02A4A23B09C80ED3652A.w12?source=2&email=p&p=11047&agentId=11047&feed=4&listingId=533480&type=COMPANY_WEBSITE&brandId=jump&url=,%20electoral%20bosses%20strike%20deal%20on%20exit%20package&url=,%20stand%20firm%20and%20grow&url=;url=;url=[url=;$curuser$&url=;url=

Surely it would be very comparable to the price of the Peugeot RCZ offers, which for the suspension system will already carry a suspension of type Independent Mac Pherson, a built-in coil spring, integrated hydraulic shock absorbers and anti-roll bar on any part of the front, while for the belakngnya using Independent trailed arm, built-in coil spring, hydraulic shock absorbers and anti-roll bar. Both the suspension system is claimed to be able to work very well and also mamapu dampen vibrations which occur as well as very stable once.

Then berlanjuta the braking system which has been delivered braking with type Ventilated Disc with Diagonal Circuit System ESP, ABS, EBD & EBA in any part of the front, while the rear disc brake with Diagonal Circuit System ESP, ABS, EBD, and EBA. The second dam braking

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