This news actually is still unclear, but many media that preach, excerpted from the blog e lek iwanbanaran that these motors become increasingly rumor news trend. He gmana if for example it is Kawasaki Ninja 250 will issue a 4-cylinder engine would be sold in the market prices berikisar 100 million or more, while for the current 250cc motorcycle engine 2 cylinder priced at 50-60 jutaaan do not forget see also List of new motor in 2016.

But hope only if it was going to be released in Indonesia will most likely be the first time using the 4-cylinder 250cc motorcycle .. jebolll bensine lek ..!/badge?url=*login&FMT=p&URL=;jsessionid=19BFDCD789B664918A7F7EC38032AA60?siteId=32851&listingId=41322&url=!&Url=;MYSITEJSESSIONID=A945CD921DFF5DAD2D059EB6CC83730B-n1?siteId=1077692&listingId=1397590&url=*data=url=[url=

Yup not want to lose from 2 brands above, Kawasaki Indonesia now trying to change the engine to 4 cylinders wowwwww once .... Weve edann tenan kawasai always relentless to innovate ... Motor which in the view of the public is an expensive and classy bike is indeed worthy of thumbs up Bagimana not really ..? only recently a new kawasakilah made motorcycle with a 250cc engine using 4silinder. wewww voice definitely turn off the motor diatass 2 ... .raungan voice clearly more dazzling ninja 250 2016 for using a four-cylinder.

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