Honda introduces some latest motorcycles in 2016, several of which are all-new Supra X 150cc, All New CBR 150R Facelift 2016 All New CBR 250RR 2016 and many others for more information can be on the latest 2016 honda motors following.
Honda Supra X 150cc 2016
rendering supra x 50cc
Coming from the motorcycle class supra x 150 appear more big with a very attractive design, equipped with a 150cc engine and also more weight than;url=;url=,,SSL+redir.aspx?C=IXVZQiuA9kyoDkJYX95plk_HMQPBlNEIuyBzkc6ufs4gqeAYX3Yz1D7DICKsXo6TYML159BKYGA.&URL=;jsessionid=FF4759FBFEFD3EDC44008C19704F9512.node3_1_OTEGR?p_p_id=WebProxyPortlet_WAR_oteWebProxyPortlet116&p_p_lifecycle=1&p_p_state=normal&p_p_mode=view&p_p_col_id=column-1&p_p_col_count=3&_WebProxyPortlet_WAR_oteWebProxyPortlet116_owp.URL=[email][url=;url=;url=

Well after yamaha R15 in released reportedly will release the latest as Yamaha R15 Facelift. Facelift itself means change in light of the manufacturer, conduct refresher let the consumer market is not bored with the motors it then .. Well facelift itself is average perform changes on its looks alone and rarely do changes to the engine and the frame of the bike. So a facelift is to make changes to the front and back of the body, the color is updated including the striping, and so on. So in my opinion anyway yaa yamaha r15 is going to be a trend anymore although the same was not like the backseat too njuntit / nungging so that sponger feel uncomfortable. Hopefully by doing these changes-changes could skyrocket again selling yamaha r15 facelift.

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