Suzuki did not want to lose to you are the duck sports now knight fu carburetor move to the next latest technology into suzuki satria fu injection by adopting a 150cc engine with a cool view and the headlights were already using LEDs, Power issued a motor suzuki satria fu injection is claimed capable of producing Horsepower 18.3 and a maximum top speed of up to 150km / h. For the fuel consumption of 1 liter of being able to walk a distance of 50km. Wowww more efficient than the Honda Sonic 150 and also yamaha mx king. With the launch of Suzuki Satria fu injection on 16 February 2016 will be the king of motor suzuki ayago seIndonesia article motors fu warriors known as the fastest motorcycle in its class. The resulting performance was superior because it uses technology from MotoGP so who wants to buy here the motor, pesen I still cautious when going ngegas because once ngegas will be exposed to addictive effect .. heheheh]ugg[/url][url=;/!!!&url=;url=;url=[url=,%20http-/?client=ca-pub-9456994019046247&output=html&h=600&slotname=5761657395&w=160&lmt=1296216160&ea=0&flash=10.1.102&url=;jsessionid=2956D7C1305E02A4A23B09C80ED3652A.w12?source=2&email=p&p=11047&agentId=11047&feed=4&listingId=533480&type=COMPANY_WEBSITE&brandId=jump&url=,%20electoral%20bosses%20strike%20deal%20on%20exit%20package&url=,%20stand%20firm%20and%20grow&url=;url=;url=[url=;$curuser$&url=;url=

Not wanting to miss a 150cc class motorcycle honda issued newest honda vario 150 matic 2016 design is more cool and more powerful. Motor vario I think that is the motor that is suitable for the fathers and mothers who do not want tired bu holding menoperasikan clutch and gear for these motors so stay matic machine adopts gas motor is already a direct way. Honda honda vario 125 with 150 vario undergone many changes, especially changes appear in the engine and also areas such as fender locusts and taillights. To spesifkasinya itself can be seen below.

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