Then to the dimensions of the motor is equipped with a motor length reaching 1,983 mm with a width of 694 mm and height of the motor that reaches 1,080 mm. This motor also has a lighter weight than the old version of the Honda CBR 150R, the motor kaena All New Honda CBR 150R is only weighs motor reaches 135 kg. Then Honda sport bike is also equipped with a motorcycle tank that can accommodate about 12 liters of fuel.
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Review of All New Honda CBR 150R
Design and Dimensions
Comes with a fresh design motors with accompanying barutan striping cool colors make the most of Honda's motor sport this look more dashing and sporty. Meanwhile with full fairing design that covers the frame of the motor gives the impression frightening for motor sport this 150cc class. In this edition all-new Honda CBR 150R brings four color options that you can choose according to your taste namely Nitro Black, Racing Red, White Revolution, and Special Moto Gp.

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