With the high price already was certainly Toyota Yaris Heykers is equipped with features that sngat well, As in the security sector which is equipped with dual airbags at the front where this feature is helpful when the impact occurred and will provide good protection on penggendara of collision, in addition to was to facilitate pal in the park kendarannya not forget Toyota equip the car with parking sensors in the rear, although it has not had a parking camera, but with parking sensors already diadanya thats very helpful,;url=;url='re+here+and+would+love+your+participation!&url=;url=;url=]pain%20pills[/url],%20%208((,%20[url=]buy%20drugs%20online[/url],%20%20awbaz,%20[url=;url=

Features Toyota Yaris Heykers
Priced at Price Toyota Yaris Heykers above 200 million is a certainty car is equipped with many safety features the best, just look at the already used types penggereman ABS on each wheel that is supported by the use of the brake type Disc 15 inches in this part of the front, while the rear brakes of this car also equipped with 14-inch brake Disc types that are on wheels with size 195/50 R16 rims. besides it also added to the steering system of the type Rack & Pinion increasingly adds to the comfort in using the Toyota Yaris accelerates Heykers.

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