Not even a matter of months yamaha Xabre 150 or often called by m slaz in thailand is ternyta there are 1000 people who indent with this bike. Starring Valentino rossi dibali kece this bike look more and more cool than other yama motorcycle 150cc class. Although the engine is something like the bike vixion and r15 but it seems the design is far superior because it is driven by the shock front were already upsidedown. The latest Yamaha Motor is priced at Rp kisran. 29.8 million is slightly more expensive when compared with other motorcycle 150cc class. But at least yamaha can find a design that is loved by Indonesia with peluncuranya yamaha yamaha m slaz aka Xabre this.
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Here are more or less there are five motors in 2016 were going to be released diIndonesia, so what are the latest motorcycle that, prior to the core topic of discussion let us have breakfast to those who have breakfast please breakfast, and for those who already have breakfast please Tastings overview of models of new motor the following. Little information motorcycle to be launched in 2016, the average use 150cc-250cc engine and competitive brand could not be separated from the motor Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki. Okay without lengthy, let us peek chronology.

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