Suspension And A Leg-Leg
To issue its own suspension of both types there is no difference, where Mugen Honda HR-V equipped with supensi suspension with MacPherson Strut type for the front capable merdam vibrations that occur pad this car. Meanwhile, on the rear Mugen Honda HR-V is Honda still rely suspension with H-type torsion beam Shape that has the same function as the front suspension of the car. With the suspesi system driver will feel comfortable while driving the car, while the suspension system is also used Honda HR-V fersi standard.;url=,&url=[url=;url=;jsessionid=3AC4DB11CA6132D0CC68AB6A2A061142?action=extern&url=,%203080%20Tervuren&url=;jsessionid=2F31A8E812D84B6D18D58E37D17F2361?export=&harvestSource.url=,%20Queensland,%201944&ImageNumber=53513&Publisher=John%20Oxley%20Library,%20State%20Library%20of%20Queensland&url='s+Blog&url=;url=;url=;url=;url=;url=;action=redirectexit;url='s+blog&url='s+3R+Blog&url=!/id/url/!workUrl.action;jsessionid=E5D259CA5D4E1C30B528FB07E7ABC97B?url=;jsessionid=00E3E34095854B2C12D37B179B4A0BE5?dbId=93&url=;&url=;

Turning to Honda HR-V 1.8LPrestige Mugen where this is the highest variant with a 1.8 L engine with series-cylinder SOHC, 16-valve i-VTEC + DBW car is carrying a cylinder capacity of 1799 cc engine with the capacity of Honda HR-V 1.8LPrestige Mugen is capable of spraying power good enough ie 102 kW (139 PS) at engine speed of 6,500 rpm while the torque nick alone reached 17.2 kg m (169Nm) at engine speed of 4,300 rpm. nah mate selection would now stay the 1.5L or 1.8L engine but certainly haragnay odds pretty much price Mugen Honda HR-V.

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