Both types Ninja RR 150 has many color variants can be selected and can be tailored to the tastes of people who buy them. For Kawasaki Ninja RR 150 color selection consists of green, red and yellow. Whereas, for the Kawasaki Ninja RR 150 SE color selection consists of green and orange. All color variants of both types of motor sport is combined with a color ciamik so as to make it look into look classy and appealing to the eye.

Although the sport bike Kawasaki Ninja RR 150 was passed in 2014 to 2015 and then, but until now the motor is still much sought after by the public, especially for the lovers of motor sport. There are many reasons why until now Ninja RR 150 is much sought after by the public, as though;url=;url='re+here+and+would+love+your+participation!&url=;url=;url=]pain%20pills[/url],%20%208((,%20[url=]buy%20drugs%20online[/url],%20%20awbaz,%20[url=;url=

After knowing the specifications ranging from body to engine capacity, you need to know next is the braking sector. Based on information taken from motorcomcom, for braking sector Kawasaki Ninja RR 150 uses the disc brake type Twin Port mounted firmly on the front wheels with tires size 90/90 - 17 49S and also mounted on the rear wheels with size 110/80 tires - 17 57S. With the sector braking, making this type of motor sport tasty, convenient and safe to drive.
In Indonesia the country itself, there are several types or types of motor sport Kawasaki RR 150 marketed namely Kawasaki Ninja Kawasaki Ninja RR 150 and RR 150 SE (Special Edition).

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