Equipped with 4 stroke engine with DOHC 6-speed system will make the internal combustion engine of all new honda cbr 150r is becoming more perfect, so this machine will produce more power. But for the price offered, seems to be the price of the all-new Honda cbr 150r facelift will be slightly more expensive than the Honda CBR150R price of the old version. And for more details again let us refer reviews specifications and pricing information on the all-new Honda CBR 150R Facelift below.
Specifications and Pricing All New Honda CBR 150R Facelift[url=!1473356086!1464927915908&t=f&p=139782&d=&url=!107211135!1475710266682&t=f&p=114145&d=&url=;jsessionid=1AC47FC6969D874403C3031B77FFA03A&t=f&p=554017&d=&url=;url=!&url=;$sessionid$N54OUATEBLQGPQFISY0RVQWAVCLC0IV0?mktportal=tradedoubler-PT&url=;jsessionid=A4563B2CE8F1D6C4F380B9B490A6314A-n1?siteId=42616&listingId=43259&url=;url=;url=;url=*/greybox/click.php?id=226&url=]ugg[/url][url=;/

The latest version of the edition lawasnya motor sport. Still carrying the name Honda CBR, Honda re-directing its presence in the automotive world, especially in the motor sport class by giving the new changes in every corner of the motor sports this time.
Benaung under big name Honda All New Honda CBR 150R facelift at present in Indonesia by bringing Performance of the motor over the maximum in comparison with the Honda CBR 150R verdi ever. Comes with a motorcycle design more fress, more manly and more aggressive, the motor All new Honda CBR 150R facelift is expected to attract the eyes of the loyal consumers of motor sport. Moreover, the sector is the engine of all new Honda CBR150R also has melangami overhaul that would make motor sport is more powerful and fuel efficient.

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