The Honda Civic Takes On Toyota's Prius

The Toyota Prius has been a news darling as of late, but what the Honda Civic may lack in spicy news stories, it makes up for with its tried and true performance features. You know what they say: slow and steady wins the race.

honda civic

Since both of these cars have been praised for their thought conscious design details and performance, we decided to test them out on the Proctor Honda comparison model tool.

Safety is an important factor in any vehicle purchase. Both the Civic and Prius have front and side driver and passenger airbags, although the Civic pulls in ahead by offering daytime running lights which have been proven to reduce driving accidents by 11%.

In terms of fuel economy and range, the Civic offers a 13.2 gallon tank as opposed to the Prius' 11.9 gallon capacity. The Prius offers up an automatic transmission, while the Honda Civic has a manual transmission which aids in better fuel economy, acceleration and control. The Civic also has a 1000 pound towing cability, outrunning the Prius - which has none.

Panama City Honda shoppers that want to take a look at all the Honda Civic has to offer can check out and test drive the new Civic models available at Proctor Honda in Tallahassee.

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